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things are looking prettyyyyy bad for biden, huh?

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  • TV news won’t book Tara Reade: and uh, why not? Today, Biden is going to get a bunch of softball questions about the allegations. How about hearing from the alleged victim instead of the alleged perpetrator, who has an entire presidential campaign behind him?

  • Armed protestors in Michigan are absolutely nuts: and they stormed the Michigan state Capitol, guns in hand, demands near meaningless.

  • Unemployment has, officially, hit 30 million: and that doesn’t count for however-many folks are unaccounted for because their state unemployment systems are broken. Still, one out of five workers? Oof.

Hey, you gotta admit: THIS IS HELLWORLD, THIS IS HELLWORLD. Let’s break this garbage down!


Why Won’t Anyone on TV Book Tara Reade?

Tara Reade. At some point, no matter how much of a doubter you are, you’ve got to admit: Reade’s racking up credibility. Be skeptical of whatever form that credibility may express itself in as much as you want, but there’s no denying, there’s a serious force behind her and what she’s saying at this point. With calls for Chris Hayes to be fired trending on Twitter simply for covering the subject, it’s got some wondering: why hasn’t anyone on TV booked Reade to tell her story yet?

Broadcasting Reade

You know, with some folks accusing Reade of either being a Russian plant or just plain wanting Trump to trounce Biden, you’d think the left would be offering her up a silver platform to let herself be debunked.

  • Reade has allegedly turned down appearances on Fox News so far, suggesting she doesn’t want to do harm to Democrats so much as she wants to tell her story about Biden.

  • Biden himself has been able to dodge any questions about Reade’s allegations thus far. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, though: in fact, Biden is meant to break his silence on Reade’s allegations today.

  • Still, Reade seems receptive to questioning, even in a live television atmosphere. 

Setting the Record Straight

We should be worried about Reade broadcasting the story to the right first and foremost.

  • Reade is a lifelong Democrat; she certainly doesn’t want to end up on Fox News and to be paraded around like a thorn in Biden’s side. That said, she’s considering interviewing with someone on Fox who’s “a little more up the middle” this weekend. If you pay attention to god awful Fox News at all, you know why that may end up being Chris Wallace, which is supposedly who she may end up speaking to.

  • Initially, only progressives were willing to hear her out, like Katie Halper on her podcast or Ryan Grim via The Intercept. Reade doesn’t want this to become some weird partisan issue, though.

Bottom line: whatever happened to “believe women?” Look, we get that even with that mantra in mind, there still needs to be some kind of standard. However, it seems that Reade has exceeded that standard and, at this point, deserves a platform to tell her tale, for the public to determine whether or not they believe Joe Biden committed sexual assault.


Armed Protestors Demonstrate Against Michigan’s Emergency Measures

Hundreds of protestors gathered outside of Michigan’s Capitol building yesterday. Some of them were armed. Many of them tried to get onto the House floor.

This is a Serious Problem

  • Michigan is expected to extend its governor’s emergency powers; a controversial move for Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, although Michigan is one of the harder-hit states when it comes to coronavirus.

  • Of course, this comes down to more than just coronavirus woes: many of the protestors were MAGA-hat sporting chuds who enjoyed a bizarre dance routine by two girls wearing masks of what seemed to be Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

  • We get it: these folks are outliers. That makes it easy to dismiss, but if and when Trump cedes power, how long will he continue to encourage behavior like this? How long will he have to tell people to “liberate” themselves and egg on armed protestors?

Bottom line: these clowns suck and are an international embarrassment. 


30 Million Americans, or 1 of 5 Workers, Are Now Unemployed

Within a mere six months, over 6 million people have applied for unemployment. That has shattered all previous records: which, for comparison, was 695,000 back in ‘82. 

Understanding Unemployment

  • Those numbers come with some caveats, including the fact that the CARES Act has opened the door for many who wouldn’t normally be able to apply for unemployment to do so, including self-employed folks, freelancers, and gig economy employees.

  • That said, we don’t really know the scope of the problem because unemployment systems around the country are so jammed up. There may be many more unemployed people than we really understand.

  • This might end up being Great Depression-era bad.

Bottom line: who knows how bad this really is? Not us, that’s for sure! 


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